Friday, December 30


My primary blogging activities are moving over to Squarespace. Nascence is back with the same ole' curmudgeonly attitude regarding the affairs of my own little world and the World. I hope you'll join me over at Nascence 2.0.

Tuesday, August 23

Almost gone

During a much celebrated lunch break...I noticed something else to appreciate...summer...the dreaded almost over.

Today's temps:

Hi: 85
Lo: ~60

More importantly, 35% humidity.

Mmm hmmm, Autumn is just around the corner.

Sunday, August 21

Phase two: getting oriented

Phase two starts tomorrow with the start of my new new job. There will be two days of orientation and then it is time for my feet to hit the pavement. This will be my primary full time job. So, Monday is the beginning of 60-80 hour work weeks and hopefully existent savings for grad school.

Volunteer orientation at Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) is this coming Thursday. I hope that while volunteering at the refugee assistance organization that I can gain an increased amount of insight and experience into their daily operations. KRM is a primary agency in Kentucky for refugee relocation playing a community role very similar to Catholic Charities in Maine.

Tuesday, August 16

Real rejuvenation

Today was a good day for my spirit. Not one of those days that changes your life just one of those days that reminds you that you do have some control and that things just might be alright. It all started at midnight. I opened a book that I had borrowed from a friend, it's titled "The Jesus I Never Knew" and was written by Phillip (?) Yancey. I have read and enjoyed other books by the author so it started off with an advantage. This book is pretty good and down to earth.

Later in the day--we are talking about 7:00am folks--I went to work.

I have rejoined the workforce, American labor, the mesoamerican proletariat or the 'rat race' as some may choose to call it. It felt good just to work...

Thursday, July 28

Good blog: Africa Unchained

That discussion between Ayittey and Moyers on the 'Wide Angle' program really spurned my interest in doing some focused research the professor, the Free Africa Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies and blogs covering African affairs and issues.

In doing such research, I found a wonderful blog called
"Africa Unchained" written by Emeka Okafor, a finance and IT consultant based in New York. Most recent entries have covered Professor Ayittey's most recent book, the need for an independent press and strengthening African leadership.

I think this blog is a new regular read for me.

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